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Beehive kozahive

Beehive kozahive

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The beehive is made of high-quality red spruce. Kozahive is similar to top bar hive. The round frames are made of linden and can be rolled in a honey extractor. Treated with ecological paint suitable for beehives. High metal-wood legs are at waist height. The hive is fully prepared for immediate beekeeping.

Hive management

The space for the bees is increased or decreased by moving the false wall - the bees do not build combs and do not stay too long behind the false wall. Naturally, they tend to divide the hive into a brood area and a hive even without a queen grid - brood area at the entrance, supplies as far away as possible. The Varroa bottom serves not only for monitoring but also for ventilation - open in summer, closed in winter.

Monitoring dome

Available in PREMIUM version only. The bees can be observed undisturbed after opening the hive thanks to the so-called monitoring dome. It is an internal "roof" formed from PETG plastic. stored under an external wooden roof.

Propolis envelope

Hexagonal patterns on the inner walls of the wooden part of the hive stimulate the bees to produce propolis. The interior of the hive resembles the natural habitats of bees. Propolis' antimicrobial, antifungal and antiviral properties improve the health of the entire bee colony (social health).

Revolutionary frames

Kozahive frames are easy to turn upside down.

  • There is no need for wires or the entire partition - just insert a narrow strip of the foundation into the groove of the frame. To fully build the honeycomb, the frame is turned so that the bees can also grab it from below.
  • Thicker and more intense honey is achieved by turning the nectar frames -  before capping

The frame can also be placed into honey extractor. The width of the grid in the honey extractor must be at least 32 cm

The product contains

  • The hive body
  • Monitoring plastic dome - PREMIUM version only
  • 27 frames made of linden wood
  • 1 pc false wall
  • Metal-wood legs
  • Monitoring pad

Weight ~33kg + 10kg legs

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Great innovative beehive