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  • Monitoring dome

    Kozahive PREMIUM features a unique monitoring dome that is placed beneath an external wooden roof. This allows beekeepers to observe their colony without disrupting their internal environment. Additionally, bottom half is lined with a propolis envelope for added protection. In contrast, kozahive ECO has propolis envelope all around inside of the hive, providing even more protection for bees.

  • Round frames

    Our unique round frames are designed to improve honey flavor and texture. When rotated, the uncapped nectar begins to run down, prompting the bees to thicken it further, resulting in a richer taste. These frames are easy to use and do not require wiring or foundation. Additionally, they are compatible with most honey extractors, making honey harvesting a breeze for beekeepers.

  • Propolis envelope

    All of our hives feature hexagonal patterns on the inner walls, which motivates bees to place propolis there. This is a feature that is lacking in many modern hives, which can lead to health issues for the bee colony. Our hives are designed to mimic natural bee habitats, with enough propolis to support the health of the colony. The propolis envelope provides antimicrobial, antifungal and antiviral properties, creating a healthier environment for bees.

  • Practical cover

    Our hives are designed with a hinged roof, making inspection and maintenance easier and more efficient. With no heavy lifting required, beekeepers can easily access the hive for routine checks and harvesting. This design provides a practical and convenient option for beekeeping. Additionally, our hives mimic the natural habitats of bees with their round shape, which offers optimal thermodynamics for the bees to thrive.

  • Varroa monitoring bottom

    A varroa bottom board is necessary for horizontal hives as it helps to monitor and control the varroa mite population. By regularly checking the board for mites, beekeepers can take appropriate measures to prevent the spread of the mites, which can be detrimental to the health of the colony.

  • Metal-wooden legs

    Our metal-wooden legs provide several advantages to beekeepers using our hives. Firstly, they elevate the hive to waist level, making inspection and maintenance much more comfortable and convenient. Additionally, the legs give the hive a sleek and professional look, adding aesthetic value to the apiary.