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kozahive beehive

Design, quality & innovation

A premium hive with an amazing observation dome suitable for every hobby beekeeper and even for educational institutions. The rotating frames and propolis envelope are unique features that set new standards in beekeeping.
The great design of the hive complements nicely with the observation dome. This allows you to fully experience the masterpieces of the work of the bees.
The propolis cover sets new standards in hive production. It significantly strengthens the social health of the entire bee colony.
The round shape is more than a design. Proper thermodynamics inside the hive and the ability to rotate the frames are even more important.

kozahive placement

Kozahive offers a new approach to beekeeping. Unprecedented characteristics are possible thanks to the use of advanced manufacturing techniques and technologies. The horizontal hive allows the use of premium materials that are too heavy for standard hives. The round shape and propolis envelope support the overall health of the bees. A great design with an observation dome is a must-have for every hobby beekeeper and educational institution.


September, 2018

Prototype concept.

April, 2019

Deployment of the prototype.

April, 2020

Start of company operations. 

 September, 2020

Sale of the first hive. 

June, 2021

Second employee - head of production. 

 January, 2022

Expansion to foreign markets.

 February, 2022

100 hives sold. 

 February, 2022

Introduction of the observer hive.

Autumn, 2022 Expansion into the US, 4 potential distributors
Addition of new product Heart frames (also available on Amazon).

Heart frames

With the growing popularity of beekeeping and interest in quality, natural products, restaurants, hotels and other establishments are offering frames filled with combed honey to their guests to provide, for instance, a more authentic dining experience.

Kozahive offers special frames for sale with heart-shaped moulds that bees fill as they build the combs.
The heart-shaped frames are sold both for Kozahive frames and for standard hive types, so sales are also aimed at professional beekeepers (B2B).


Annual P&L Scenario 1 Scenario 2 Scenario 3 Scenario 4 Scenario 5
Hives monthly sold 20 50 100 200 1,000
Hearts monthly sold 200 2,500 5,000 20,000 100,000
Frames monthly sold 20 250 500 2,000 10,000
Turnover from hives and accessories sold 129,600 351,000 702,000 1,404,000 7,020,000
Turnover from beehearts sold 13,680 171,000 342,000 1,368,000 6,840,000
Total turnover 143,280 522,000 1,044,000 2,772,000 13,860,000
Personel costs 60,000 108,000 162,000 306,000 1,224,000
Material costs 39,072 119,400 226,800 577,200 2,886,000
Marketing 12,000 36,000 60,000 132,000 660,000
Costs of other products 8,640 28,350 48,600 97,200 486,000
Gross profit 23,568 230,250 546,600 1,659,600 8,604,000
Rent (based on ratio of scenario 1) 6,000 15,000 36,000 84,000 420,000
Overheads 12,000 23,000 36,000 58,000 141,000
R&D (incl. personel costs) 0 30,000 30,000 60,000 90,000
EBITDA 5,568 162,250 444,600 1,457,600 7,953,000




Standard hives are tuned to maximize honey production. Production processes are decades old with minimal innovation introduced. An entire market segment is struggling to find the optimal hive.

  • Standard hives are very heavy to lift and not everyone is able to lift parts of them.
  • Bee health is not a priority in standard hives.
  • User experience in hive management is ignored.


    Kozahive is a new company following new trends in bee research. It targets a neglected market group of hobby beekeepers and educational institutions. Maximizing honey production is not the #1 priority, but it still makes it possible to extract honey in a standard way. 

    • The horizontal hive eliminates the need to lift heavy objects.
    • Focus on parameters other than honey production.
    • Beekeeping as a relaxing experience, not hard work.

    Funding Goals

    Expansion into foreign markets along with educational videos due to superstition and false information about beekeeping. Overall increase in sales is a priority.


    Why would anyone want a kozahive? 

    The overall trend is shifting from honey production to an organic approach. Bees are not just a means to produce honey, but an integral part of our ecosystem. Kozahive is best suited for this approach.

    What is the biggest problem of kozahive?

    Superstition. Standard beekeepers don't understand that honey production may not be a priority. Therefore, there is misinformation about the difficulty and time involved. It's like a big farmer discouraging people with a garden from growing their own tomatoes because they have to get up at 4am and start the tractor.

    Do you target B2B markets?

    Honeycomb honey is increasingly popular with professional beekeepers. Kozahive is targeting this segment with different shapes of combs inside the frames. This allows to focus on B2B with recurring sales.

     Founding team

    Ondrej Kališ

    Founder & CEO

    Experience in:

    Financial analyst in energy sector M&A. Project management of multiple green field projects.

    CFO at taphome.com


    Michal Kališ


    IT expert.