For beginners

Frequent questions before you decide to become a beekeeper

Is beekeeping time consuming?

Not at all! Apart from the treatment of the bee colony, there are basically no mandatory measures for the beekeeper. You can leave the hive unattended for years and the bees would thrive. Sooner or later, however, they would get sick. If you don't want to collect honey, a few hours a year will do.

How much honey can I get from a beehive?

This depends on the beekeeper's approach and the weather during the season. You don't have to use honey. However, if you feed the bees with sugar water, after a nice season you can collect all the honey - about 30 kg and more.

I fear the bees will sting my children.

This can always happen whether the hive is in the garden or not. However, a beehive in the garden does not significantly increase this chance. The highest probability of stings is only about 3 meters from the hive. This risk can be almost completely reduced by the appropriate location of the hive. Every responsible beekeeper should have an EpiPen at home.


How to start

How to become a beekeeper

You can read books, take classes, visit another beekeeper, or watch videos. However, you can only acquire experience and knowledge during beekeeping. If you want, you are welcome to take part in our beekeeping course for beginners.

Protective clothing and tools

It doesn't have to be a jumpsuit. But at least gloves and a bee hat will help you feel comfortable around the bees. The smoker and the whisk are fantastic helpers for every beekeeper.

Beehive location

The entrance to the hive should not be on the side where the bees enter. The ideal location is where the fewest people pass through, far away from neighbors who might not agree with beekeeping. A cup of honey for the neighbor every year is a small thank you.

Buying bees

Bees swarm in spring. You can buy a swarm online or from local beekeepers. 


I have bees and hives. You can find beehive management instructions here.