Starting a collony (swarm)
Remove all the frames from the hive and leave only the fake wall. We usually recommend inserting a false wall in place of the 9th leaflet frame. Pour the bees into the area where the leaflet is. Put the first 8 frames in place as gently as possible and close the hive. Don't worry if all the bees aren't in the hive. I'll find my way to the hive thanks to the Queen's Pheromone. Within a hour, a tuft should form around the queen. The bees can remain in the tuft for several days. To increase the success of the whole process, you can feed the bees.

Beehive management
In the cohesive, the space for the bees increases or decreases by moving the false wall - the bees do not build combs and do not stay too long behind the false wall. Naturally, they tend to divide the hive into a fruit and honeysuckle even without a mother grid - the fruit at the entrance, supplies as far as possible. The Varroa bottom is used not only for monitoring but also for ventilation - open in summer, closed in winter.

Revolutionary frames
Kozahive frames are easy to turn down the head.

  • No wires or the entire partition are needed - just insert a narrow strip of partition into the groove of the frame. To fully expose the honeycomb, the frame is turned so that the bees attach it to the bottom as well
  • By turning the fruit frames, it is possible to effectively slow down the spread of Varroa
  • Denser and more intense honey is achieved by turning the nectar frames - before capping

Honey from the frames can also be extracted in honey extractor. The width of the extractor must be at least 32 cm.