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Propolis envelope

Hexagonal patterns on inner walls of a hive stimulate bees to place propolis there.

Inside of a hive resembels natural habitats of bees.

Propolis antimicrobial, anti-fungal, anti-viral properties enhance health of a whole bee collony (social health).

Propolis envelope is included in every kozahive. However it is still in testing phase and should be considered as a prototype.

Rotating frames

Foundationless frames

Fast comb attachement on bottom of a frame without any need of foundation.

Delicious honey

Cells facing down make bees thicker honey resulting in more intensive taste

42,2 kg weight
body 23,4 | legs 10 | frames 9

370 dm² honeycomb area
27 frames

Natural beekeeping

Easy going beekeeping with focus on what is the best for bees